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Lew has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, producing, directing and writing.  Funny fact, the first thing he ever sold in Hollywood was a joke for 6 dollars to famed comedian, Joan Rivers. Lew created Traif: An Unkosher Series with Chef Jason Marcus,  and also directs and writes all episodes.

About The Filmmakers

Lew Levy

Jared has been in the motion picture and television industry as an entertainment lawyer since 2009.  He’s worked on acclaimed hits such as Jack Reacher, Mission Impossible, The Big Short, and Baby Geniuses 3, 4, and 5 (just kidding, but seriously he did).  He writes and produces all episodes alongside father, Lew. 

Adam has worked in motion picture animation and visual effects since 2009 as a Character FX and Technical Animation artist. He's worked on Academy Award winning films for Disney such as Frozen and Big Hero 6.  He produces alongside his father, Lew, and older brother, Jared, as well as creates and directs all animation in the show.

Jared Levy

Adam Levy

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