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Traif: An Unkosher Series, was inspired by the (mostly) true story of Chef Jason Marcus and his popular Brooklyn, NY restaurant that goes by the same name.  When Jason told us his story, we couldn't help but want to tell the rest of the world about it, but in our own special pork and shellfishy sort of way!  After all, it’s not every day a Jewish chef opens a restaurant with a very non-Jewish cuisine in a very Jewish neighborhood, and actually succeeds! 


We hope our show will inspire, excite, stress, offend, and question your existence all at the same time (trust us, it's possible), but mostly we hope it will make you laugh.  Oh yeah, and you'll likely feel pretty hungry afterward. But fear not!  Each of our episodes will feature a special dish or ingredient from the real Traif, and Chef Jason has given us his super secret recipes for you to go out and re-create your own culinary masterpieces.  We invite you to share your creations with us on one of our many social media pages! 


So come on in, put on your aprons, and light the stove, cause we're ready to get things cooking here at Traif: An Unkosher Series!

About The Show

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