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Chef Jason

Chef Jason Marcowitz, otherwise known by his less Marcowitzy name “Marco,” is the Executive Chef and owner of the restaurant Traif.  When Jason opened a restaurant that literally translates to “unkosher” in the middle of a very Jewish neighborhood in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles, the food critics called him an idiot and said he would be out of business within months.  Turns out Jason is not your average shmuck though!  His food is so good, the restaurant books out nearly every night.  He even got the attention of a little known cooking channel which gave him his own late night cooking show called, “Food For Thought.”  Problem is, between the restaurant and his show, Jason’s own plate is a little too full, and he’s surrounded himself with a bunch of knuckleheads who don’t make his life any easier.  Couple this with a knack for panicking and overthinking things, Jason’s life has all the ingredients necessary for a perfect disaster, topped with a nice balsamic vinaigrette of course.    

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